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Christmas is coming and Fandom Stockings are live!

Yay, once again, the holiday season started off with the absolutely fantastic fandom stockings!  Mine is already up and ready for filling, see here. If you want to sign up, there's still time, sign ups are open till 14th Decemeber, just go over here to sign up! As soon as your stocking goes up, drop me a link in the comments and I'll be happy to leave you a little something:)

Related to the holidays, how are you preparing? Those of you who celebrate Christmas, did you already decorate or you'll start decorating the day before Christmas? Is any of you doing some writing challenges like Yuletide? (and if so, is it normal not to have the story finished yet? just asking for research reasons, lol).


Hey, I'm not sure we share any fandoms anymore, but mine is here:

Hey, nice to see you here:D I'll try and do some stuffing, I'm pretty sure there are at least 2 fandoms we are compatible in, lol.