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Dear Yuletide/Chocolatebox/any other challenge Author Letter

My Dear Yuletide/Chocolatebox/other challenge Author,

first of, I'd like to thank you for coming here and reading this letter and also to give you a big hug for working on a story for me. This is the first time I'm taking part in this challenge and writing this kind of a letter, so I apologize beforehand if I mess it up somehow:)

I'm quite easygoing about what I'd like in a fic and please don't feel any pressure about the prompts I wrote on my sign up. I'll be happy with anything really. Though if you're a writer that likes prompts or to know a little something about the recipient, please feel free to browse around my blog here or check out some of my fics/fic recs on www.fanfiction.net/u/646683/

My likes:
I'm a huge hurt/comfort fan, with the characters acting as In Character as possible. I love whump, angst, action, character studies, little missing scenes or post-eps that deal with stuff the show brushed over. I love interaction between characters, friendship, team work, family or emotional whump is a strong theme in my favorite fics. My main character getting whumped and a father/menthor/best friend/colleague being there helping him out, offering a little tlc (or snark, whatever suits the characters:) I also love horror fics or humor.

My dislikes/squicks/triggers:
OOC characters. I don't like the story to be focused on romance. I don't mind slash pairings, though in the shows mentioned here, I really prefer gen. No porn, no torture (I mean a simple beating or whatever whump is okay, but I don't like my characters being permanently maimed). No rape and well... nothing sexual. No pregnancy or kid fics either please (by kid fic I mean the story being about the main character's OC kid. On the contrary I love fics with the MC either being turned into kid, or about their childhood). Definitely no death fic please.

I think I wrote all the prompts that come to my mind in the sign up, so I'll leave it up to you, dear author. I wish you happy writing and a great fic for your yuletide too.