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Fic Master List

Deceptive IntentionsAO3, zip file
[multi-chapter, complete, gen, case-fic, h/c, Nick & Team, 2005]
The CSI´s have a new case and right from the start it turns all wrong, when one of their own is attacked. There´s just too much lies hanging in the air.

Fire and WaterAO3, zip file
[multi-chapter, complete, gen, case-fic, h/c, Nick & Team, 2007]
Several victims bear the same sign of the killer . Is it a new serial killer emerging or something totally diferrent? Whatever the case, Nick and Grissom get thrown right into the middle.

Shattered ThoughtsAO3
[one-shot, gen, post-ep, Nick, 2005]
Spoilers up to the second season Who are you & Stalker.

TrappedAO3, zip file
[multi-chapter, complete, gen, h/c, action, team-fic, 2006]

Someone´s playing a game of revenge and the team must do everything not to fail, because the price is their own lives.

CSI New York

Nature's Blanket - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, Danny, 2011]
Danny's thoughts during a case. Short one written for the prompt Autumn.

Second Chances - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, Danny, 2011]
Life is a battle, especially for one Danny Messer.

Influenced - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, Danny/Lindsay, 2011]

Danny had a hard day at work.

Crossovers - ER/Diagnosis murder
Crossroads - AO3
[multi-chapter, complete, gen, h/c, Steve&John, 2004]
Strange things began to occur on the ranch of Ms. Prescott, while the 13 year old John Carter is trying to reconcile with his brother' s death.

Reunion - AO3
[multi-chapter, complete, gen, h/c, angst, Steve&John, 2004]
Sequel to Crossroads. Carter' s life is once again turned upside down, when one of his patient is killed right before him. The Sloans, along with Jesse Travis are in Chicago and they meet at Doc Magoo' s.
Cabin Mirage -
[multi-chapter, complete, gen, h/c, supernatural, Steve&John&Jesse, 2005] 
This is a sequel to  Reunion. Carter, Sloan and Travis are going on the vacation to the cabin. They think it will be quiet and fun, but they can't be more wrong. John sees a ghost - or does he?

Crossovers - CSI/NCIS

Two CSI and Two NCIS Agents walk into a bar - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, humor, Tony&Nick&Gibbs&Grissom, 2010]
The title says it all. A possible crack!fic, whatever that means.
Diagnosis Murder

Past Forgotten - AO3
[one-shot, gen, angst, Steve, 2004]
Something happened to Steve when he was ten. The discovery of a dead boy brings back many memories.

Doctor Who
Midnight Fire - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, post-ep, Tenth Doctor, 2008] 
Short tag to Midnight or What went through the Doctor's head in those last minutes. 

Between Worlds - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, angst, Peter, 2011]
Peter never felt at home.

First kisses - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, Peter/Olivia, 2011]

Written for the prompt "A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous." - Ingrid Bergman


and now with feeling - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, h/c, Nathan/Audrey, 2011]

Nathan gets hurt. Audrey's here to help.
Paranormal Pierce - AO3, other
[one-shot, gen, h/c, supernatural, Pierce, 2004]
MASH 4077 is once again facing an onset of patients. Two of them have a strange history, and Hawkeye is soon confronted by something "spiritual". What will the surgeon do, when his "patient" ask him for help?

Aftershocks - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, angst, Tony&Gibbs, 2011]
Missing scene for Bury Your Dead. Written for NCIS LFWS Session 5 Round 1. 

Alea Iacta Est - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, Tony&Gibbs, 2010]
Tony and Gibbs are giving chase to a suspect. Written for NCIS LFWS Round 5.

Apologies - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, action, Tony&Gibbs, 2011]
There was never an easy arrest for Tony and Gibbs, but this one took the cake. Or the waffles?

Bottled Memories - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, angst, Tony&Ziva, 2011]
Ziva remembers in the worst moment. It's all Tony's fault. Written for the NCIS LFWS prompt Five Senses. I used *smell*. 

Choices - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, angst, h/c, Tony&Gibbs&Ducky, 2010] 
Post-ep to Requiem. Written for the challenge on LFWS Session 4, Round 1 .

Close Encounters of Third Kind - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[multi-chapter, complete, humor, crack, team fic, 2011]

Two crack fics written for one challenge. Or how would our favorite team deal with aliens?

Down below - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, Tony&McGee, 2010]
Tony, McGee, a wanted man and murky water. Written for the NCIS LFWS, Round 4. The prompt was - 5 senses. 

In Pieces - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, au, angst, Tony, 2011]

What would Tony do if he wasn't in the NCIS? Written for NCIS LFWS prompt AU.

Into the darkness - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, h/c, angst, Tony&Ziva&Gibbs, 2011 ]
Chasing a suspect proves rather dangerous for Tony. For once, he's losing control. 

Just Another Vacation - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, h/c, Tony&Gibbs, 2010]
Tony takes a leave to visit his frat brothers. Not everything goes by the plan. Written for NCIS LFWS Round 6. The prompt was Whumpage. 

Mean Marines and Lying Heroes - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, humor, Tony&team, 2011] 
Tony comes to work with bruises. Written for the NCIS LFWS prompt Deceit.

On the couch - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, angst, Tony&Gibbs&OC, 2010] 
Did Tony say he had a therapist? Written for the challenge on LFWS Session 4, Round 2 

[multi-chapter, WIP, gen, angst, h/c, case-fic, Tony&Gibbs&team, 2008, ON HIATUS]

Tony has a bad day that may turn into a bad week. First there's a fire, then a dead body and well... the rest is in the story.

Stakeout - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, supernatural, h/c, team, 2010]
The team is out on stakeout. The only problem is, the house they're in might be haunted.

The Planned Demise of Timothy McGee - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, humor, McGee&team, 2010]
The team having a little fun on a boring day. Written for the challenge on LFWS Session 4, Round 3

Underground - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[multi-chapter, wip, gen, h/c, suspense, Tony, Ziva, team, 2011]

Bringing a suspect to interrogation proves to be much harder than they imagined. Tony and Ziva in trouble.

Web of Lies - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, angst, character study, Tony, 2011]
Missing scene for Grace Period. What was running through Tony's head when Paula died. Written for NCIS LFWS Session 5 Round 2. Prompt was - write a character study. 

Poltergeist:The Legacy

Noble Memories - AO3
[multi-chapter, complete, gen, h/c, supernatural, Nick, 2004]
Nick is returning from Portland. Accident happens. There will be a ghost, a girl, a mystery and some angst.

Old Acquintances - AO3
[multi-chapter, complete, gen, h/c, supernatural, Nick&Derek, 2004]
Nick and Derek are flying to San Diego, when the helicopter crashes. Will the ex-seal and the Precept be able to rescue themselves? Will they find their way home, or fall into the trap of a long dead soldier?


Aftermaths - Requiem - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth, SF
[multi-chapter, complete, gen, post-ep, Will&Helen&Biggie, 2011]
Magnus wants tea, Will wants to sleep. Biggie wants to know what happened.
Busy Nights - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, character study, Will, 2011]
Will always had trouble sleeping.

Clearing the air - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, post-ep, Will&Henry, 2011]
Missing scene for Hangover. Will and Henry talk... and do some cleaning.

In the past - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, au, angst, Will&Henry, 2011]
What if Henry and Will met before? Written for tvnetwork2 las, prompt was Chance encounters.

Precious Memories - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, Will&Helen&Clara&Ashley, 2011]

Everyone has different ideas about art.

Rapati Sungu - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, post-ep, Will&Henry&Kate, 2011]
Will and the dance. Spoilers for Kali.

Shades of Grey - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, angst, Will&Helen, 2011]

Will has some doubts. Helen's there to help.

Stolen Goods - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, humor, Will&Kate, 2011]
It's dangerous to let Kate behind the wheel. Written for TVnetwork2 LAS. Prompt was Fast&Furious. 
Stargate Atlantis
Message - AO3
[one-shot, gen, post-ep, angst, John&McGee&Team, 2006]
Post ep to Epiphany or what was going through Sheppard´s mind when he returned home. 

Metamorphosis - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, John, 2010] 
John encounters yet another strange race. Written for SGA LFWS prompt: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Protect and Serve - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, team, 2010]
Written for SGA LFWS Round 1. The prompt was: Write a fic in first person using an inanimate object as POV. I choose Sheppard's gun.

Two Men and a Baby - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, humor, team, 2010]
Rodney's mouth always get's them into trouble. Written for SGA LFWS prompt: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
Star Trek Voyager

The Not So Good Guest - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[multi-chapter, complete, h/c, Tom, 2004]
Tom caught some nasty virus. Voyager meet Salvorians. After one of the aliens is injured in an accident, and is beamed to Voyager's sickbay where Tom is just recuperating, something happens. What can I say?... hm... Tom whumping. 


Work Hazzards - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, h/c, Mike, 2011]

Mike is injured at work, Harvey is his awesome self.

Because - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, angst, Dean, 2006] 
One shot, Dean's Pov. He needed to know. Post Devil's Trap.

Brother's Role - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[multi-chapter, complete, gen, h/c, Dean&Sam, 2006]
A hunt, few ghosts and a serious role reversal. All in all, it wasn't the best day in Dean's life.

Falling - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, post-ep, angst, Castiel, Dean, 2011]

How the Angel fell. Castiel's pov. Spoilers for 6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much.

In the Wind - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, post-ep, angst, Dean, 2006]
Post Crossroad Blues. A little Dean angst on top of the question 'Just why didn't Dean take the deal' 

Keep Going - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, post-ep, angst, character study, Dean, 2011]

After Sam went to hell. Dean character study. Spoilers for Exile on Main Street

Without a Trace
It's not cool - AO3, LJ, Dreamwidth
[one-shot, gen, post-ep, angst, Martin&Danny, 2005]
Post Showdown and Safe. The missing conversation between Danny and Martin.

Story written under different nickname - Elocinair

Doctor in the House -
[NCIS, one-shot, gen, h/c, Tony/Jeanne, 2009]
Short stories and tags from the Jeanne era. Pure Tony h/c.

Story co-written with Liz, posted under the nickname VirtualQueens

Survivors Past and Present 
[multi-chapter, WIP, gen, h/c, action/adventure, Tom&Chakotay, ON HIATUS, 2005 ]

Stranded on a planet that is home to more than one mystery, Tom Paris and an away team from Voyager must struggle for survival. Set during the first season.



Oh my god, Diagnosis Muuuurderrrrrr. I used to love that show when I was growing up! And *MASH!* -settles in to read-
Lol, I used to watch them as a kid too. Just a fair warning - those where the first fics I wrote, and I was just starting to learn english at the time and didn't know what a beta reader is *sigh*, so... beware typos, grammar and other beginners stuff:-)

*and yeah I sooo should get them through a beta-reader now, sigh*
If you want me to let you know anything I notice like grammar/typo-wise, I'm cool with that. :D (I don't think I've met anyone who's Czech before! Very cool.) I have a few embarrassing fics in my own past, hence my lack of linking to ff.net. XD
I'm afraid letting me know of any mistakes would take you more time than reading the stuff lol. I should go over it and try to fix at least what I can though... hm... one fic at a time, lol. But thanks for your offer:-)

*hopping off to check on Past forgotten*